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Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Is 5-6 Years Away, Says Simon Pegg

Quentin Tarantino’s take on Star Trek might not happen for another “five or six years”, according to cast member Simon Pegg, who plays USS Enterprise chief engineer Scotty in the reboot franchise.

Speaking with Edmonton Journal last week, Pegg noted a two-fold reason for the delay. One, Tarantino is busy filming his next movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is slated for a July 2019 release date. That means the director – best known for Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Django Unchained – won’t be able to begin work until he’s done with that.

And two, there’s the sequel to Star Trek Beyond from director S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones, The Defenders), who is set to become the first female director in Trek film history. “I’ve met with S.J. and she’s fizzing with ideas and she has the right attitude,” Pegg said. “She’s reverent, but she’s not slavish. In terms of the story, I have a vague knowledge, but it’s nothing I can talk about.”

What we do know about the fourth Trek reboot film is that it will involve Chris Hemsworth (Thor: Ragnarok) reprising his role as Kirk’s father George and a time travel plot that allows father and son to meet.

Given Clarkson’s Trek venture is in development, it’ll likely not release for a couple of years, possibly in 2020. And since studios aren’t inclined to slot instalments of big franchises back-to-back, there’s bound to be a couple of years more at the least between Clarkson’s and Tarantino’s Trek films.

Early reports had suggested that Tarantino’s idea might be a standalone project, given he wanted to stick to his preferred R-rating (A certification in India). Not according to Pegg, though: “I think he had us in mind when he came up with the idea; he likes the new cast. But he’s going to be so busy with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that I can’t see him doing it for five or six years, by which time we might be too old anyway.”

The last part – Pegg suggesting they will be too old – is likely a throwaway joke from the actor, which fits his brand of humour. Of course, it’s possible that Tarantino might have to find a new cast – his film will be the fifth Star Trek outing for the current crop of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Pegg – but it’s too early to tell.

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