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Google Translate Updates Camera Mode With Support for More Indian Languages

The Camera Mode on Google Translate has been updated with the ability to recognise as many as 13 new languages. The new addition brings some of the popular spoken languages worldwide, including Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, and Punjabi. All you need to do is access the Camera Mode on the Google Translate app on your Android or iOS device and then capture the text available on the screen of the device to get its translation. The new update comes days after Google updated its Translate app for iOS with regional speech input and output support in English, Bengali, French, and Spanish. The search giant also lately added Material Design 2 theme on the Web version of the Google Translate service.

The list of additional languages for the Camera Mode of Google Translate includes Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, and Vietnamese. To begin with the camera translations, select the language that you to need to translate and then the language you understand. After that, tap the Camera icon that sits just below the text box on the Translate app and then capture the frame that includes the text that you want to translate. This will kick off machine learning algorithms to analyse the captured text for translation. Now, you just need to drag your finger over the text that you want to read in your language.

As Android Police reports, Google has also made offline data packages for some new languages available. This will help you translate the text even if you’re in a no-Internet zone. Furthermore, the new update is rolling out to both Android and iOS platforms.

The addition of 13 new languages joins the 26 existing languages on the Camera Mode of Google Translate. The service also offers an instant camera translation option for some of the most spoken languages. Back in 2014, Google notably acquired San Francisco, California-based Quest Visual, the company that was behind the renowned augmented reality translation app Word Lens, to add visual translation support to Google Translate.

Alongside visual translations through Google Translate, there is Google Lens to deliver an advanced visual search and translation experience. The company at the #MadeByGoogle event in New York earlier this week announced that it would bring the core functionality of Google Lens within the default Camera app of its Pixel 3 phones.

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