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Amazon confirms OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition coming soon

The first 5G phone will likely be a OnePlus device, even though it will be more expensive and will bring a couple of cons along. Until then, on December 11, OnePlus is joining the ranks of Huawei (Porsche Design) and Lamborghini by teaming up with McLaren for a OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. First teased on November 27 for a December 11 unveiling, we’re hearing that it might pack a whopping 10GB of RAM.

If there was any doubt that this will be a phone, Amazon India just confirmed it, by using the banner you see at the top. It also reveals that with the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, the company is marking its fifth anniversary.

The banner also implies that the phone is coming soon. If the render used is legit, we’re seeing the same small teardrop notch that we see on the regular 6T. Aside from the additional amount of RAM, the phone is expected to bring a new color option. This will likely be, or include orange, which is the color of McLaren. Possibly a matching color scheme on the UI as well. We’re less than a week away until the event, but we don’t expect anything major happening until then.

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