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iPhone eSIM support may come to Verizon on December 7th

One of the biggest problems with iPhones using their eSIM capabilities in the US is that most of the networks aren’t compatible with them. The good news is that apparently; Verizon is going to start supporting these new upgrades in all their latest iPhone lineups.

Apparently, an internal memo from Verizon leaked today, and it says that the company will start recognizing eSIM activations for the iPhone Xs and Xr models this Friday, December 7th. This way Verizon would confirm rumors that said that this features would be available in the early days of December. In any case that makes Big Red the second largest network to activate eSIMS in the US, since AT&T was the first one. This could also mean that you will soon be able to have two phone numbers in your device.

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