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Japan to turn its back on Huawei and ZTE

Things are starting to slowly go sideways for Huawei. After Australia earlier this year, and New Zealand more recently, have both rejected Huawei’s bid to supply 5G network infrastructure hardware, Britain’s BT has done the same thing. Additionally, BT is also going to remove all Huawei 4G infrastructure from its network, and other countries may follow as the US has called upon its allies to follow suit. Now Japan is turning its back on Huawei as well, throwing ZTE in the mix too.

According to a recent Reuters report, Japan plans to ban “government purchases of equipment” Huawei and ZTE, “to beef up its defenses against intelligence leaks and cyber attacks”. The information comes from unnamed sources, but is looks like Japan will be taking this route, as “cybersecurity is becoming an important issue in Japan”, said Yoshihide Suga, a spokesperson for the government. “We’ll take firm measures looking at it from a variety of perspectives”, he added.

While private companies will probably be still able to purchase gear from wherever they want, the government, on the other hand, can choose to be picky, especially when taking into consideration recent concerns over some Chinese companies possibly being used by Beijing for spying.

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