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Apple’s iPhone and AirPower get new features, well at least in patents

Apple has been working hard on getting many patents in order to avoid future legal problems like the one they’re having with Qualcomm. In any case, they have recently acquired 37 more patents. In these, we find details of the AirPower and features that might come on a future iPhone model.

The AirPower wireless charging mat from Apple has acquired the patent that confirms its primary selling point if it finally launches. This would let the charging mat charge several Apple devices at the same time. These patents also include a future iPhone feature that would give these devices a full-body display and a back glass panel that has touch-sensitive capabilities. With this, the iPhone could perfectly turn pages, scroll and more. This could be very interesting, but let’s remember that these are just patents, so there’s no guarantee we’ll see them in an actual device.

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