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Huawei, Xiaomi expect 2019 smartphone shipments to surge over 20%

We’ve recently heard straight from the horse’s mouth that Huawei is going to set records in shipping 200 million smartphones this year. The company is enjoying tremendous momentum despite all the problems it is facing, and it just can’t stop growing. Xiaomi is another Chinese company that is pretty much in the same situation, and, according to a recent report, both Xiaomi and Huawei are expecting their 2019 smartphone shipments to grow by a whopping 20 percent. All of this in times when “slack demand in China’s smartphone market and unclear global outlook”, notes the publication.

Same sources cited by DigiTimes mention that the situation is different when it comes to OPPO and Vivo (otherwise sister companies). While both are based in China, OPPO and Vivo are hardly expecting any growth in smartphone shipments next year, claim said sources, who blame it on “weak momentum in developing the international market and a slowdown in domestic demand”.

While the numbers are clear for Huawei, Xiaomi has set a shipment target of 150 million units for 2019. While Apple no longer will give out numbers regarding smartphone sales, chances are that it might lose the third spot too next year, after losing the second one to Huawei earlier in 2018.

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