Thursday, January 23, 2020



Our Favorite Android Phones of 2019, Decade Too

We somewhat procrastinated with this post, but hey, there’s a few hours in 2019 left, so technically we’re doing just fine! You see, as the years have gone on, it’s getting a bit harder to decide a Phone of the Year. People are becoming increasingly more prone to sticking with...

Am I a Samsung Fanboy?

I might be. Let’s see: Samsung watch on my wrist, buds in my ears, and phone within reach of not just me, but my wife too. What is happening to the world? Jesus. Someone save your boy. After years of being the ultimate hater of Samsung, at least according to...

What Did You Love in 2019 Tech?

The final countdown has begun to 2020, with hours remaining until you fall asleep early and fail to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year. So to finish on a productive note these last few moments and be able to say that you did something, we have...
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