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Apple AirPower charging mat production to start this month?

2017 is when we first heard of the Apple AirPower, a wireless charging mat for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Then we started slowly forgetting about it as Apple kept silent while the accessory was nowhere in sight. 2018 passed without Apple delivering on its promise to make it available last year, but there’s hope we might see it soon.

According to a report from Twitter, Luxshare Precision, the makers of Apple’s AirPods among others, has started AirPower production. Subsequently, another report followed up claiming that Pegatron is starting mass production on January 21. These are not only indicators that the product hasn’t been canceled, they clearly suggest we might see it commercially available, finally, soon.

Now, before you get too optimistic, note that the information is coming from an unnamed “credible source in the supply chain”. However, corroborate this with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction of Q1 2019 for AirPower, and things might fall nicely into place. Keep a dose of skepticism around though.

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