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Apple is getting ready to start producing flagship iPhones in India

Apple has been looking for options outside of China to produce its iPhone flagships to avoid being involved in any more problems that might come with the decisions of Trump’s administration. According to Reuters, Cuppertino and Foxconn were already planning on moving their operation to India, and now the Wall Street Journal says that this move is already in progress.

The Wall Street Journal reports that executives at Foxconn are planning a visit to India next month to include the country in its iPhone project and budget plans. We know that Apple has Wistron assembling iPhone SE and iPhone 6S models in India. Now, Foxconn could start assembling some iPhone models that could very well include the X, XS, XS Max, and the XR. The main reason for this move from Apple is to avoid a possible 25% tariff on their devices produced in China. There is also the concern for the actions China may take against the company over the problems that the US government has been having with Huawei.

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