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Samsung Galaxy S10 Teased With 4K Selfie Camera, Reverse Wireless Charging; Camera Features Spotted in APK Teardown

Samsung Galaxy S10 launch is just a few days away. But ahead of the formal debut that is set for February 20, Samsung has teased some of the distinct features of the Galaxy S10. The YouTube channel of Samsung Vietnam has published three teaser videos to reveal the absence of a traditional display notch design as well as highlight the presence of an in-display fingerprint sensor based on ultrasonic technology. Separately, the camera app that comes bundled with Samsung’s One UI unearths features such as full-HD Super Slow Motion, Best Shot, and HDR10+ support for videos. A couple of documents purportedly featuring the specifications of the Galaxy S10, S10+, and Galaxy S10e have also surfaced on the Web. Similarly, a hands-on video showcasing the Galaxy S10 covers has been released online.

Among other developments, Samsung Vietnam has posted three video teasers on its YouTube to reveal the notable features of the Galaxy S10 family. One of the videos shows that the phones will come without a display notch design. It also highlights that the new models will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the description of the video teaser confirms the availability of an ultrasonic technology that could enable an advanced in-display fingerprint sensing experience.


It is important to note that the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ are so far rumoured to have an in-display fingerprint sensor, while the Galaxy S10e may have a traditional fingerprint sensor at one of its sides.

The second video teaser by Samsung Vietnam gives a glimpse at the selfie camera of the Galaxy S10. The title of the video mentions “4K”, suggesting top-end video recording support through the selfie camera. If we go by a recent rumour, the upcoming Samsung phone will sport a 10-megapixel Dual Pixel image sensor at the front along with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).


Samsung Vietnam in the third video teaser points out wireless charging support on the Galaxy S10 models. Some recent reports suggested that the handsets could have fast, 15W wireless charging technology along with 9W reverse wireless charging support, similar to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


While the official teaser doesn’t reveal any specific details of the rear camera sensor, an APK teardown of the camera app that comes preloaded on One UI shows that the Galaxy S10 models will have features such as Full-HD Super Slow Motion, Best Shot, and HDR10+ for video recording. XDA Developers has managed to spot the next-generation camera features of the Galaxy S10.

Samsung brought a Super Slow Motion feature on the Galaxy S9 last year. The last flagship was capable of recording 960fps video for 0.2 seconds at HD (720p) resolution or 0.2 seconds of 480fps video at the same HD resolution. However, a couple of strings available within the new camera app shows that the next Galaxy-series flagship will support Super Slow Motion at full-HD (1080p) resolution. Samsung is also likely to extend the Super Slow Motion time limit to 0.8 seconds at standard quality and 0.4 seconds at high quality. Furthermore, the Galaxy S10 could capture 960fps videos for 0.4 seconds and 480fps videos for 0.8 seconds.

The camera app also has references about a feature called Best Shot. The feature could use some machine learning techniques to capture images from the Galaxy S10 each time when it detects a perfect shot.

Further, the Galaxy S10 is likely to have a list of bokeh effects for live focus. The effects, including blur, colour, mono, side, spin, vintage, and zoom are found in separate strings within the camera app. Samsung is also found to have plans to enable document scanning support on the camera. The feature could use artificial intelligence (AI) to help users scan their documents on the device, without using any third-party source.

The camera app also suggests support for the HEIF image format. Apple is already using the same, storage efficient file format on its Mac and iPhone devices. Additionally, the HEIF image format could sit alongside JPG and PNG support.

Samsung is also found to have included a Scene Optimiser with Ultra Wide Angle support. The feature is designed to apparently enable the camera to automatically change the lens setting and switch to the ultra-wide angle lens when it detects an appropriate scene. Furthermore, the Galaxy S10 family is found to have HDR10+ video recording and Dual Shot features as well as various flaw detection and scene optimiser upgrades and support for ‘Super Steady’ mode.

A previous report claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 models will debut with a ‘Bright Night’ mode to counter Google’s ‘Night Sight’ feature. The Galaxy S10 family could also have an ‘Artistic Live Focus’ mode.

Coming towards the latest specification leak, GSMArena has posted a couple of images detailing the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. The images, showcasing documents, allegedly detailing the specifications of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e.

Most of the specifications of the Galaxy S10 lineup featured in the newly leaked documents are aligned with what was rumoured in the past. However, there are fresh details such as 800 nits of screen brightness and as many as 10 scene optimiser settings. The documents also highlight that there will be a facial recognition feature and a Dynamic AMOLED HDR+ panel based on the company’s Infinity-O Display design.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are found to have triple rear camera setups with 12-megapixel primary sensor along with an f/2.4, telephoto (45-degree) lens; 12-megapixel secondary sensor along with an f/1.5, wide (77-degree) dual aperture lens; and a 16-megapixel tertiary sensor along with an f/2.2, ultra-wide (123-degree) lens. The Galaxy S10e, on the other hand, appears to have the absence of the 16-megapixel tertiary sensor. For selfies, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 are found to have a 10-megapixel sensor, paired with an f/1.9 lens. The Galaxy S10+, however, listed on the leaked document with a secondary 8-megapixel sensor to enable the Live Focus feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ was so far rumoured to have a 6.4-inch display. But the leaked document mentions a 6.3-inch display. Recently, the Galaxy S10+ was also reported to get a Ceramic Black version. The latest leak shows that there will be the Ceramic version only for the 12GB RAM/ 1TB storage model. Lastly, there is a mentioning of 8GB RAM/ 256GB storage of the Galaxy S10e. This contradicts the previous rumours that claimed the lone 6GB RAM/ 128GB storage model of the Galaxy S10e.

In other news, a hands-on video has been shared on YouTube by retailer Mobile Fun to showcase the official cases of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. The video shows Leather Cover and LED View Cover of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. It also suggests that the reverse wireless charging technology on the new models will be called Wireless PowerShare. Precisely, the LED View Cover of the Galaxy S10 models will cover the back, front, and sides and includes a pocket to hold the credit and debit cards.


We need to wait until February 20 to see the official appearance of the Galaxy S10 family. Meanwhile, Samsung is likely to reveal new details through some teasers, and the rumour-mill is expected to continue to bring informal developments online.

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