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Apple credit card reportedly panned in partnership with Goldman Sachs

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s next product, or service, if you will, might be a credit card. Tim Cook has repeatedly hinted that Apple is preparing new services this year. Everyone immediately thought of the Video Streaming service as a first option, but were left wondering what the others might be. A credit card, as per this report, might as well be one of these upcoming services.

In partnership with Goldman Sachs, Apple might launch a credit card this year, available later in 2019 to the masses. Apple employees will, according to the report, take said credit card for a spin first, as the iPhone-maker is preparing to make Apple Pay available in more regions. Whether it will be called the Apple Pay Card, as some reports suggest, or in a different way is yet unknown. However, the report suggests it will bring features like money, debt, and rewards management tools.

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