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Nintendo Switch to Get Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One Games: Report

Microsoft may bring the Xbox Game Pass library and a select number of its own games to the Nintendo Switch according to a recent report. One of the better Xbox One console exclusives, Ori and the Blind Forest may find its way to the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, Microsoft’s streaming initiative, Project xCloud could also make it to the Nintendo Switch as well. This would make sense when you consider that Microsoft has a working relationship with Nintendo, publishing Minecraft on its consoles. Plus studios owned by the company such as Ninja Theory and Obsidian are still bringing their games to other platforms too.

The source of this report is YouTube channel Direct Feed Games, which tends to have a decent track record regarding Microsoft and Nintendo developments. It was further bolstered by Game Informer stating that Xbox Game Pass could be announced for Nintendo Switch this year.

“In talking with our own sources, it has been suggested that the announcement of Game Pass on Switch could come as soon as this year,” reads a post from Game Informer’s Imran Khan.

If true it’s an interesting approach from Microsoft, possibly indicative that it isn’t able to scale a user base for Game Pass on the Xbox One and Windows 10 as fast as it would like. Bringing it to the Nintendo Switch gives Microsoft a wider, growing audience to target in addition to valuable data that could allow it to shape better services.

However, it this does happen, bringing Xbox Game Pass to the Switch also dilutes any reason to own an Xbox One or whatever else Microsoft has planned as its successor. Coupled with a poor run of Xbox One exclusives, and it makes us wonder if this could be the start of Microsoft pivoting from a console and games manufacturer to a developer-distributor role.

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