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Hackers are using stolen Apple prototypes to break into iPhones

A recent report published by the Motherboard claims that there’s a very active and lucrative black market for “dev-fused” iPhones. What’s a dev-fused iPhone? It’s a prototype iPhone stolen from Apple’s production lines. Their value lies within their ability to offer easier ways in finding vulnerabilities. That’s because they run a less secure version of iOS, with easy to gain root access.

Such a phone goes for about $1,800, and is believed to be at the core of developing the handheld Cellebrite machine, used by law enforcement agencies to break into phones. The Cellebrite machine was initially believed to be the company helping the FBI get into the phone of a terrorist, but it was later revealed that the Bureau paid an unknown third party $1 million to get inside his iPhone 5c.

The report also suggests that these dev-fused iPhones were helping researchers study Apple’s Secure Enclave security coprocessor in 2017, exposing vulnerabilities in the chip that was supposed to keep the very iPhone safe. You can read more at the source link below.

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