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Black Shark 2 thrice as fast with 12GB of RAM

Xiaomi gaming phone division Black Shark is drumming up a storm to promote its second phone, due out next Monday.

Company president Lin Bin is on the bandwagon, posting to his Weibo account some key specs of the Black Shark 2 like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, 12GB of RAM and an improved power management system that show speed charge times and extend battery cycles by 60 percent.

Fans and press got a preview of the device at MIUI showcase events across China. AI is being touted to have its strongest presence here more than ever before. And 100 units are being given away in a sweepstakes that’s sure to gin up further support for this phone over the weekend.

Teaser videos have appeared featuring at least one of those fan events. One of the presentation slides during the event claimed that the Black Shark 2 would provide three times the performance of the original Black Shark phone.

Lots of boasting to hold up. We’ll see if it stands on March 18.

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