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5G MediaTek chip coming this month

A report last month suggested that a 5G MediaTek modem and application processor are on their way, launching this year. With competitors like Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm already having a 5G chip in their portfolio, MediaTek isn’t willing to waste any more time. The 5G MediaTek chip will be arriving later this month, according to it official Weibo profile.

The MediaTek Helio M70 modem was scheduled for the first half of the year, with a 5G system-on-a-chip only being planned for the second half. We’re not quite sure whether we’re going to witness the official launch of the M70 modem, or an SoC, but aside from Apple, who will join the 5G game in 2020 with Qualcomm modems on board, MediaTek is the only major player to not have, at the moment, a 5G solution.

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