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Huawei working on its own Huawei OS if it loses Android access for good

After seeing its Android license suspended by Google, as a direct effect of the U.S. blacklisting Huawei, the Chinese company is shifting gears in developing its own operating system. While the United States took a step back and eased the restriction a little bit, extending them for 90 days, it is unknown what will happen beyond that date. Current devices will not be affected and support will be offered for the future, but when it comes to new products, Huawei is still not able to access U.S. products and services.

But the Huawei OS is “far from ready”, according to recent reports, and The Information cites unnamed sources saying that the operating system “has had its ups and downs and remains far from ready”.

CNET reports that Huawei doesn’t intend on launching its own OS, unless the ban remains permanent, and the company loses access to Android completely. A report yesterday suggested that the Chinese tech-giant is working with Google in managing the ban, but the ultimate goal is to maintain the status quo in place before the blacklisting occurred.

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