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Samsung Set To Launch Its 5X Zoom Camera Module

Samsung Electro-Mechanics have just started to mass-produce a 5x optical
zoom camera module, the company
revealed in a recent announcement
. This means the module is ready to be
featured in smartphones. The typical struggle in designing smartphone zoom lenses
is getting them small enough. Manufacturers are constantly trying to make
phones as
slim and compact as possible
, but zoom lenses require a lengthy distance
between the sensor and the lens. Luckily, Samsung have managed to solve this

A closer look at the module

The 5x optical zoom model is a mere 5mm thick. It’s much slimmer than the
majority of the 2x zoom lenses currently featured on smartphones. In fact, it’s
so slim that it could be a drastic design improvement on the physical design
of most smartphone models
. This module would be able to sit flush with the
smartphone rather than protruding from the back. The 5x optical zoom
essentially works the same way a periscope does by making use of reflecting
light. The sensors and lenses are positioned sideways to keep the model slim
while light is reflected to capture the image. The resulting images are sharp
and well-exposed. It’s therefore easier than ever for people to capture their
everyday moments in high-definition and put them on display in their homes
— whether
that’s as a picture collage
, simple print, or gallery wrap.

Where will we see
Samsung’s 5x zoom camera?

Although we’re now aware Samsung is mass-producing these 5x optical zoom
camera modules, one pressing question remains: What smartphone model are they
being produced for? At the moment it’s unclear if and when the camera module
will arrive on consumer devices. There’s been some talk about the possibility
of the new
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
 featuring this module. The smartphone is soon
to be released and rumored to have a vertical rather than horizontal camera
layout. However, it’s probably the case Samsung has already chosen a set design
for this model. But since Samsung have a history of featuring new technologies
on mid-range devices, we can possibly look forward to seeing the 5x optical
zoom camera module on something like a future Galaxy S device.

The 5x optical zoom camera model is an exciting new development in Samsung’s
offerings. The powerful, slim design will be an asset to any smartphone. It’ll
be interesting to see when and how this sensor hits the market.

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