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Are Casino Bonuses as Profitable as Matched Betting?

A few years ago matched betting became a big thing online,
it wasn’t uncommon for someone to become a professional gambler using matched
betting and bonuses to guarantee wins. Times have changed though, bookies
caught on and clamped down. There will always be opportunities, but it is not
as easy as it once was. This has led people to seek other revenue sources from
various gambling techniques.

With many sites, such as CasinoEuro ( ), which is a well-reviewed online casino, offer large sign-up bonuses which you can then use to reduce your loses and maximise your wins. 

So with the above website, they offer 100% up to 200-Euros,
so once you have bet your stake, you get it back in the form of a bonus. Quite
often you will then have to wager the bonus a number of times before you can
withdraw, but some games are low risk and therefore easy to achieve. There is
also a time limit on some of the promotions so you need to make sure you play enough
within 5 days to cash out the bonus.

On top of the bonus, many casinos will offer other in play bonuses.
At the weekends the site organises surprise prices for specific games. There
are also freerolls that can be earned throughout your gaming.

Slots are a popular game to do this. If a slot machine pays
95% in the long term, this does not mean that you will lose 5% of your money
during your session. You may win, or you may lose, but in the long term, the
house has a 5% edge on the slot used in the example.

You are not restricted to just slots though, it is just they
are the easiest to play and get the bonuses. If you are a particularly good
blackjack player, playing perfect hands reduces the casino edge to around 1.5%.
The lower the house edge, the more profit you can make from free offers.

The competition in the market means that it is worth finding
the right game to play, and this is why it is great to use review sites to
identify all the options out there with the best sign up bonuses. Using review
sites also gives you a good idea of how reputable the company is, including
what gambling commission governs them, and what deposit methods they accept

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