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Torrents have become a part of our everyday life. Torrent
Tracker is a website where users can share the content of any type. Each member
of the website has an opportunity to share any file which meets its rules. Such
sites gain in popularity due to an opportunity to save money on purchasing
licensed software, as well as save on downloading games or movies.

What Website Should Your Give
Preference To?

Here are top 5 widespread websites you can take into
consideration willing to install any type of files. It’s also possible to find
other options on

  • The Pirate Bay is one of the most
    widespread websites with 6.7 million people signed up. One of the finest
    torrent sites for downloading any kind of content you are willing to.
  • RARBG is a catch for users who like
    quality content. This Bulgarian torrent has rapidly gained in popularity with
    users; here you can find torrents sorted by different categories, as well as a
    useful search engine for finding any file you need.
  • 1337x is a torrent site where you
    can find any type of files. All the downloaded content is being checked in
    order for users to be safe when installing it. Here you will be able to install
    films (including documentaries), music, videos, games, etc.
  • Limetorrents
    is a search engine and catalog of torrents providing links to torrent
    files hosted on other sites. The system updates its torrents database
  • is a website of YIFY and YTS
    release groups created in 2011. One of the most widespread options for
    installing movies and video content.

Selecting A VPN Service

Modern media technologies make people think of privacy
policy. There are numerous free VPNs; nevertheless, some of them have certain
limitations. Some of the services have a
limited number of servers, while others limit network bandwidth. It’s important
to choose a trustworthy and proven VPN for using when downloading torrents,
since not every service allows torrenting.

It’s suggested to choose a paid VPN service if you want to
access a large number of servers, and still have unlimited traffic, as well as
have access to all security protocols. Millions of people use VPNs to protect
their personal info, but not all services can guarantee anonymity. In fact,
some of them keep logs with IP addresses for weeks.

Nowadays, most Internet users take the fact they are being
monitored online into account. Millions of people start using VPN in order to
hide their IP, such a way they safeguard themselves online. VPN for PC is also
used for downloading torrent files. Torrenting through VPN has its pros:

  • It’s impossible to track anything
    you do online: what you install, what websites you visit, etc.
  • Your real IP will be replaced with
    an IP of the VPN server.

Now, there is no criminal liability for installing torrent
files; nevertheless, it’s suggested to protect yourself when torrenting and
remain anonymous online by means of paid VPN servers.

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