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Shazam Now Recognises Music Played Through Headphones, but Only on Android

Shazam Now Recognises Music Played Through Headphones, but Only on Android

Photo Credit: Google Play/ Shazam

The incredibly useful music and movies identifying app Shazam has now become better as a new feature, introduced in the latest Android version, called Pop-up Shazam, works with audio played internally through headphones with the application working in the background.

“The feature is especially useful for apps such as Instagram, where you can recognise songs people have posted on their stories, or in regular videos.

“It works surprisingly well if the quality is good enough. From what I know, it’s using the same matching algorithms as the regular listening feature, so you can expect performance pretty much identical to regular use,” the XDA Developers reported late on Monday.

However, only users on Android (on version 9.33 and upwards) can use the feature as of now. That means iOS users cannot access Pop-up Shazam feature. Notably, Apple bought Shazam last year. The feature has been detailed on the Google Play changelog:

You can now Shazam music coming through your headphones!

No need to point them at the microphone. Shazam will recognise the music that’s playing through your headphones.

Even better, if you’re listening to music in another app and want to identify the songs without leaving the app, then you can use Pop-up Shazam and get the track name and synced lyrics to sing along.

To enable Pop-up Shazam, go to the Settings page in the app.

Presumably, Shazam intends to bring the feature to iOS at some point in the future. There is still a workaround available by using Auto Shazam, but as of yet, there is no update in sight for iOS, the report added.

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