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New Garmin Fenix 6, 6S and 6X images

One of the many bits of information released about the Garmin Fenix 6. Again, nothing new is being revealed here, but more clarification of both how the new Fenix 6 series will look and the reported features.

Due to the sheer volume of leaks coming out it is looking more likely that Garmin will launch the watch soon. Around IFA makes sense and the previous leaked Amazon listing indicated the 29th of August. I am still sceptical of this launch date, but I guess we will see.

Some people have expressed their disappointment at the upgrade, I am indifferent until I test it.

There are a couple of very big upgrades (for me). Yesterday, some of the battery details were revealed, if they turn out to be true, there are some massive improvements as you can see in the table below:

  6S Basic / Pro / Sapphire 6 Basic / Pro / Sapphire 6X Pro / Sapphire 6X Sapphire Solar
GPS 25 h 36 h 60 h 60 + 6 h
GPS + music 6 h 10 h 15 h 15 + 1 h
UltraTrac 50 h 72 h 120 h 120 + 28 h
Smartwatch mode 9 days 14 days 21 days 21 + 3 days
Exposure mode 20 days 28 days 46 days 46 + 10 days
Economy mode 34 days 48 days 80 days 80 + 40 days

It is the new battery modes that are the most interesting, but we will have to see just how much functionality gets shut down to achieve those numbers.

Looking at the 6S GPS + Music, that’s a 50% improvement and with 6 hours that should see most people through a marathon or 100m sportive ride.

Then there is the new PacePro, which appears to be like power but translated into time instead, which is likely more user-friendly. You will now get a relative pace over any incline, which should allow you to manage your effort better. I have never really used power in running properly but it is something I am keen to try for marathons, as I really struggle much beyond the 20m mark.

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