OnePlus 7 Pro Gets Wide-Angle, Telephoto Video and More Features in Android 10 Open Beta

OnePlus 7 Pro Gets Wide-Angle, Telephoto Video and More Features in Android 10 Open Beta

Just as Google released Android 10 for its Pixel lineup of smartphones, OnePlus rolled out the Android 10 Open Beta build for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Open Beta build not only brings new features from Android 10 but also a much-requested feature by OnePlus users. The OnePlus 7 Pro is now capable of recording video from its wide-angle and telephoto cameras whereas it was restricted to the primary sensor earlier. That’s not all, a few other camera modes also work with the other two camera sensors.

OnePlus had introduced the ability to record video using the wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the OnePlus 7 Pro in the fifth developer preview. With this, users will be able to record video using the wide-angle or the telephoto camera on the smartphone. However, it is important to note that at the moment these extra camera modes have a 30fps recording limit.

The has also added more camera options, especially for Portrait and Nightscape. Users will now be able to use the wide-angle camera in Nightscape or use the telephoto sensor to click a zoomed-in mode for portraits. These options were not available before and in Portrait mode, OnePlus has rearranged the Depth effect overlay and low-light warning to accommodate the new toggle. OnePlus is also reported to have improved video stabilisation when using the Super Steady option in video recording.

Cameras modes aren’t the only improvement as OnePlus has made a few more changes in Android 10. Google’s new gesture navigation requires users to swipe from the right or the left side of the display for the back action. This gesture interferes with a swipe gesture to open the hamburger menu in Android apps.

And now the feature has made its way to the Open Beta build for the device. Since it is included in this Open Beta build, the chances are high that this feature will make its way to the stable Android 10 build. OnePlus has “fixed” this in the Open Beta build. If you swipe at the bottom 75 percent of the display, it registers it as a back gesture whereas swiping on the top portion of the display opens the hamburger menu in apps.

OnePlus has weirdly buried the dark theme in the customisation settings. To enable Dark Mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro you have to go to Settings > Customizations and change the “Preset Theme” to “Nuanced Dark”. The other option is to go to “Tone” section and switch it to “Dark”. In contrast, the Dark mode can be enabled via the quick toggles on Pixel devices.

In the Android 10 Open Beta build, the OnePlus 7 Pro also lacks the 2-button navigation layout which was available since Android Pie. While Google and Essential still offer this feature to its users, OnePlus has decided to remove it.

While we are looking forward to the camera features to trickle down into the final build, we hope OnePlus fixes the other issues soon.

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