Google Smart Screenshots Feature With Len Integration Spotted, Assistant UI Redesign Tipped

Google is working on a few abilities to bring to its upcoming Pixel phones, Google Assistant, and more. The latest Google app version 10.61 APK teardown has tipped a new interesting upcoming feature called Smart Screenshots with Google Lens integration. This feature essentially makes it easy for users to search using screenshots via Google Lens. Furthermore, the company is also reportedly working on changing the pill-shaped Google Assistant suggestions that pop-up every time we trigger the voice assistant to make more suggestions accessible.

A Google app 10.61 APK teardown, conducted by 9to5Google, suggests that a feature called Smart Screenshots is in the works. Once a screenshot is taken, there will be multiple buttons that will pop up on the screen. A pen-shaped Edit button will let you open the toolbar for cropping and drawing over the screenshot, a share button will let you share the screenshot to social channels, and a new ‘Lens’ button will let you search for object s inside the screenshot via Google Lens. It will let you do an OCR (optical character recognition), or find visually “similar items” in the screenshot.

There will be a fourth button that will show the most used sharing social platform for quick sharing. The report says that it’s unclear if this functionality will be limited to screenshots taken within Search, or if it will expand to be system-wide and invokable anywhere. There is no word on when this feature will be available for testing or go live for all users.

googleassistantui 9to5google main Google Assistant New UI

Google Assistant current UI vs Google Assistant new rumoured UI
Photo Credit: 9to5Google

A new redesign in Google Assistant suggestion pop-up was also tipped off to 9to5Google. Currently, when the Google Assistant is triggered, it shows pill-shaped suggestions at the bottom, with maximum two suggestions at one time in the Assistant UI. After the redesign, the Google Assistant suggestion pop-up should show circular suggestion placed on top of the UI, instead of the bottom. The small space required by the circular redesign, will show up to four suggestions at a time on the screen.

The tipster notes that the feature may be in its early stage of experimentation as the listed suggestions don’t appear to change, regardless of location or time of day. Again, there is no word on when all users will be able to see this feature on their phone.

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