Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review – Affordable, comfortable and excellent noise cancelling

Following on from my review of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo I have been checking out the Soundcore Life Q20 headphones which are active noise cancelling with both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. Priced at just £51.99 these sit on the low end of active noise-cancelling headphones and I was surprised at just how good they were.


Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones, Active Noise Cancellation

  • HI-Res Audio: Balanced mid-range tones, crystal-clear highs, and our exclusive BassUp technology with 40 mm audio drivers for deep, intense Hi-Res sound reproduction. Even frequencies of up to 40 kHz are covered.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Effectively reduces up to 90% of all external noise, such as cars and planes, thanks to its 4 built-in high-sensitivity ANC microphones – ideal for music while travelling or in noisy environments!
  • More Bass: Our exclusive BassUp technology analyses the sound profile in real time and automatically increases low frequencies by 43%. Hear more – feel more!
  • Non-Stop Music: Enjoy 30 hours of wireless playback time in ANC mode or even 60 hours of play time in standard mode! And when you’re in a hurry, your headphones will be charged for 4 hours of music within 5 minutes!
  • Comfort Comes First: The Life Q20 headphones’ velvety soft foam ear pads, integrated in soft leather, give you flexible comfort while the headband’s swivel joints find the ideal position for your head shape.


These are reasonably well made, much better than the Groov-E
option I have reviewed in the past but not as good as the Plantronics. These
are small and more lightweight than the Plantronics which is part of the reason
why the build quality doesn’t feel as good, however this is also an advantage.
On my recent trip to Munich for the Huawei Mate 30, I only had carry on luggage
and opted for these are they are smaller.

I have relatively large ears, and I found the earcup covered
them completely, the foam is soft and comfortable. The headband pressure was
quite soft too, so overall this made the headphones quite comfortable to wear
for 2+hours. In comparison I find my ears start to hurt a little after short
times with the Plantronics.

On the headphones, you have the power on button, and the ANC button on the left, and the volume controls on the right. You also have an option to use the included 3.5mm cable, and this will work if the headphones run out of power, though you won’t get ANC.


Overall, I have found these to be superb, I’d say they compete
performance-wise to the £160 Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 I have reviewed in the

Sound quality is excellent, maybe not class-leading,
especially when there are so many superb headphones on the market, but these
are undoubtedly good. Bass is well represented, mids and highs clear. There was
no harshness or tininess in either music or video.

The volume could be better; on my flight I did need to have
them at near max. I didn’t have too many issues, but if you like to listen to
things very loud (which you shouldn’t) then these may not be ideal, or perhaps
use them in wired mode with a headphone amp. In general, I used these below max
volumes, but mid-flight in some scenes on TV that had a lot of talking I did
max it out.

Active Noise Cancelling is superb for the price. Like other
brands, the ANC primarily blocks out low-end noises, in particular that irritating
low hum of a flight or when you are on public transport. For example, I could
still clearly voice announcements mid-flight. There is quite a noticeable
pressure change when you activate the ANC, but after a few seconds the
sensation dissipates. With the ANC on, it makes watching TV and movies far more
pleasant and reduces the need to have the volume so loud.

Battery life is superb, they are rated at 30 hours, and these lasted two 2-hour flights plus several hours of use in my hotel room, and the battery was still above 50% when I got home.

Price & Comparisons

The ANC headphone market is relatively small, and you tend
to need to spend a lot of money to get something excellent.  

I have previously reviewed the £69.99 Groov-e Elite headphones, which at the time I thought were decent for the price. These are cheaper and better in all respects.

The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 are good, and I still use them today. At around £160 they are worth considering compared to the much more expensive Sony and Bose options, however I think I prefer the Life Q20 headphones, they are smaller, more comfortable, and the ANC is just as good.

The most popular choices would be the Bose QuietComfort 35 (£299),
the newer Boise 700 (£349) or the Sony WH-1000XM3 (£266). I have not used any of
these devices for a long period yet, so can’t compare. No doubt they are better,
they all receive universal praise, but that is a lot of money to spend. If you
use them all the time then the investment will be worth it, if like me, you
just do a few short-haul flights per year, I’d argue that you may as well get
something like the Soundcore Life Q20.


For the price, these are hard to fault, noise cancelling is
far better than I would have expected for a pair of headphones costing £50.
Sound quality is also excellent for the price, but some people may have issues
with the volume level.

The overall dimensions and comfort worked particularly well
for me too, the headphones fold up into a reasonably small footprint, so they don’t
take up too much space in your bag, and my big ears found them comfortable for
prolonged periods of time.

Soundcore Life Q20 Score



A superb choice if you want some active noise-cancelling headphones on a budget, not perfect, but the minor niggles are easily forgivable at this price.


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Last updated on 22nd September 2019 6:31 am


in stock

1 new
from £51.99

Free shipping

Last updated on 22nd September 2019 6:31 am

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