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President Trump to approve some sales to Huawei

Currently under reprieve from the initial ban imposed back in May, Huawei is likely to not get another extension, a late September report suggested. However, according to unnamed people familiar with the matter cited by the New York Times, President Trump will likely resume licensing some American nonsensitive goods, giving certain companies the green light to resume sales to Huawei.

In a meeting last week, President Trump gave the green light to begin approving the licenses, which will allow a select few American companies to bypass a ban his administration placed on Huawei this year — NYTimes

It is unknown whether these will include licenses for Google and its Android operating system. The lack of Google services on the latest Huawei phones, the Mate 30-series, could potentially hurt sales for the flagship device. The two models are the first Huawei smartphones to ship with no official Google support, as the Android-maker had to revoke Huawei’s license as a direct effect of the ban.

U.S.-China trade talks continue this week for the 13th round of negotiations, and President Trump could potentially make a good will gesture by approving licenses allowing U.S. companies to supply “general merchandise” to Huawei.

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