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Apple AirPods Pro rumoured to have active noise cancellation and rubber ear tips could cost $260

The Apple AirPods Pro has been rumoured for a while now and it looks like the near earphones could make one huge design change from previous Apple earphones.

Apple have long bucked the trend of rubber eartips for their earphones, which I have always personally found bizarre as it makes getting a good fit difficult. It now looks like the AirPods Pro could finally be adopting these useful additions. It is claimed that the reason behind this is to improve the quality of noise cancellation reducing ambient noise and therefore improving the new active noise cancelling they provide. The active noise cancellation was previously leaked thanks to references inside the iOS 13.2 beta code.

You will finally be able to get your Airpods in a variety of colours and it is claimed that eight different colours will be launched. It is currently claimed that midnight green, white and black finishes will be among the options provided. An alleged AirPods Pro case leaked prior to this report, but it was only shown in the colour white, meaning we’ll have to wait and see if different colours pop up in the future.

It has been previously leaked that Apple will be launching a new location service with the UWB U1 Chip for “Spatial Awareness”,  that was introduced with the iPhone 11, facilitating this function. One use of this would be for locating your earphones and improving connectivity, but the current leaks for the AirPods Pro do not mention this.

Huawei recently announced their Freebuds 3 which adopt a similar design to the AirPods while implementing active noise cancelling themselves. However, their design uses an open ear design without rubber tips.

It is expected the Apple will announce the earphones in time for Christmas and the predicted price is $260 which is a steep price to pay but the existing model currently costs $199/£199.



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