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TCL’s sub-$500 5G phone?! Butterfly Hinge & more (video)

It’s CES 2020, and even if mobile is not necessarily what this show is known for, TCL is giving us a sneak peak of what to expect for their mobile launch at MWC.

If you remember the TCL Plex at IFA, this was mostly the showcase for the company’s new approach. Today we got to see a new 10 series, some affordable Alcatel devices, and some concepts that are really cool.

Let’s start with a little disclaimer. What we’re seeing today is pretty much a soft launch for what we can expert at MWC 2020, so a lot of things are still “To be defined”.

Let’s start with the TCL 10 series. These are actually 3 phones, the TCL 10 5G, the 10 Pro, and the 10L. They all have a similar design phylosophy to the Plex, but notice that the Plex name is now gone.

What can I tell you? Well they have quad-cameras and a dual-LED flash. The 10 Pro has an in-display fingerprint scanner, while the 5G and 10L have a rear sensor. The 10 Pro has a curved AMOLED edge display, but details on resolution, and even the technology of the other phones is still pending.

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