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Annke I91BF 4K 8MP POE IP Security camera Review – An affordable 4K POE CCTV camera suitable for home users wanting improved performance over wireless CCTV

Annke is a popular, affordable IP CCTV brand that you can buy on Amazon. They generally sell their hardware as a system and you can pick up four of these cameras, an 8-channel NVR and 2TB hard drive for £489.99 on Amazon with an option for an additional £56 off. Alternatively, you can buy this camera by itself for £89.00.


The camera uses a 1/2.5″ Sony  IMX274 which is an 8MP sensor capable of 4K (3840×2160) recording at 30 frames per second in 12-bit mode in theory according to the Sony website.

With this camera, you have options of 4k at 12.5 FPS if you drop the resolution down to 2560×1440 you can bump up the FPS to 25 and this is the maximum FPS regardless of resolution.  You can then encode this stream in H.264 or H.265, and there are settings for variable bitrate or constat, plus different quality levels.

You can set up the sub-stream with a max resolution of 640×480 at 25fps.

Like most POE security cameras this uses ONVIF allowing it to be compatible with most network video recorders, and self-built servers using software such as Blue Iris or Zone Minder.

The camera itself comes in white with a metal base, and the camera has the lens on the right and the EXIR LED on the left. While this is sold as part of a system which includes NVR, you can also optionally record to microSD providing a bit more flexibility.

Software Features

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