Google testing a unified G Suite app that integrates Hangouts, Gmail, Drive

Google will shut down the ill-fated Hangouts later this year for G Suite clients and will shift them to the new Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet services. But a new report says that Google is working on a unified app that integrates the former two, as well as Gmail and Drive functions.

The Information reports that a new mobile app for G Suite customers is currently being tested internally at Google. The app will be offered as part of G Suite subscription for enterprises and will serve as a communication hub with more features. The premise sounds a lot like BlackBerry Hub or even a stripped-down Microsoft Teams

The unified app will provide Hangouts Chat’s instant messaging function and Hangouts Meet’s video conferencing facility, alongside Gmail and Drive’s cloud storage access. However, there is no word what it will be called and when it will be released.

Source: The Information
Via: XDA-Developers

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