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eufyCam 2C Review – Is it better than the ANKER eufyCam E & Arlo HD?

I reviewed the eufyCam E almost a year ago, and I was extremely impressed with it, to the point that I still use it to this day.

The claims of 365-day battery life are probably not far off, I have only charged one of the cameras since my review, and that was because I had a kitchen extension done so the builders were triggering recordings constantly for 6 weeks.

Since then Anker/Eufy has launched the 2nd generation of cameras with the eufyCam 2 and the eufyCam 2C.

While all of them are similar, there are some important differences between the three, including price.

eufyCam 2C vs 2 vs E Comparisons

You can currently by the eufyCam 2C system for just £199 (after £50 voucher applied) while the eufyCam E is £269.99 (after £60 voucher applied).

  eufy Cam 2C eufy Cam E eufy Cam 2
Video Quality 1080p 1080p 1080p
Sony Starvis Sensor Yes No Yes
Two-way Audio Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life 180days 365days 365days
Weather Rating IP67 IP65 IP67
Facial Recognition Yes No Yes
Offline Storage Yes Yes Yes
Homebase Storage Build in 16GB
USB port (future feature)
16GB Micro SD Card Build in 16GB
USB port (future feature)
Spotlight LED Yes No No
Camera Mounts Outdoor only Magnet and outdoor mounts Magnet and outdoor mounts
HomeKit Maybe No Coming soon
HomeKit Secure Video Maybe No Coming soon

Based on the specification, I would say there is almost no point opting for the eufyCam E currently. Yes, the battery life is superb, but with this, you get human detection, a spotlight, improved night and improved night vision while saving £70. The lack of theft detection on the 2C is perhaps worth considering, depending on where you plan to place the camera.

There is a £100 difference between this and the eufyCam 2. With that, the battery life jumps back up to a year, and you get theft detection. More importantly, it uses a Sony Starvis sensor which offers exceptional low light performance.

Eufy Homebase vs Homebase 2

The Homebase has been reduced in size considerably. the older Homebase uses a 16GB microSD card which you can optionally upgrade, the newer model uses built-in memory and there should be an option to expand this via USB in the future.

Set up & App

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