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Google Pixel Buds 2 again listed for pre-order ahead of Spring 2020 release

Google promised that the Pixel Buds 2 true wireless earbuds will be released in Spring 2020, but that is yet to happen. However, the Pixel Buds 2 have again been listed for pre-order by a third-party retailer, and this time, it is a relatively unknown name called Abt.

The Abt pre-order listing of the Pixel Buds 2 looks like the real deal, as it mentions all the features and hardware details of the wearable device. The pre-order listing also has high-quality images of Google’s offering from various angles and in all four colours.

The price remains the same at $179, but there is no word when shipments will begin. So, if you were planning to buy the Pixel Buds 2, you might want to wait until Abt reveals a shipment date before you splurge on the pre-order.

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