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Microsoft rolls out the new Edge browser with Windows 10 update

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser has been out for a while, but so far, users had to manually download it from the company’s website. Now, the new incarnation of the Edge browser has begun rolling out with the latest Windows 10 update, just as Microsoft promised back in January.

The Windows 10 update (version 1903 and 1909) brings the new Edge browser and it automatically replaces the older version that came pre-installed on your PC. However, you won’t lose any of your data that was stored or linked with the older Edge browser running on your machine.

Microsoft’s support page says start menu pins, tiles, and shortcuts for the older version of Edge browser will migrate to the new one that arrives with the update. Moreover, all passwords, favorites, and even open tabs will be migrated seamlessly to the new Chromium engine-based Edge browser.

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