YouTube TV Appears Close to Getting NFL RedZone

YouTube TV appears to be close to adding a bunch of new channels, including a Sports Plus package that may give NFL fans access to RedZone, one of the greatest sports channels ever created. In addition to the new sports channels, the rest of the Viacom line-up could go live shortly.

These discoveries were a part of several reddit threads in the YouTube TV subreddit, where a number of users stumbled onto listings for new channels while doing searches. Doing a search for “sports plus,” for example, was showing what has been captured at the top of this post.

In that image, you can see an advertisement for Sports Plus, with icons for RedZone, GOLTV, TVG, Stadium, Fox Soccer Plus, MAV TV, and more. Additional searches brought up temporary listings for beIN, NFL Network, MLB Strike Zone, and the missing Viacom networks, like Nick Jr., NickToons, MTV2, MTV Classic, etc.

Google hasn’t announced any of this yet and I wasn’t able to find the listings, but with so many showing up for a period of time, I can’t imagine an announcement is far off. The only question now is, how much is this going to cost us?

At least one reddit user said he was able to find trial information on the Sports Plus package that showed a 5-day free trial, with a $15/mo fee afterwards. While that sounds reasonable, I’m struggling to envision a world where NFL Network, beIN, and some of the non-sports package channels are added without a price hike. Then again, we did just get a big one that people were clearly pissed off about.

Anyone left on YouTube TV and does the addition of RedZone (and these other sports networks) bring you what you need to stick around?

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