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TP-Link Deco X76 Plus vs X96 vs Linksys AXE8400 Mesh WiFi 6E Systems: Three new high-end mesh systems offering a 6GHz backhaul channel

We have already seen Asus and Netgear launch WiFi 6E routers, offering reliable ultra-fast connections using 160Mhz on the 6Ghz frequency.

TP-Link & Linksys are taking a different approach with their first WiFi 6E devices, and just straight in with a mesh system.

TP-Link have the Deco X76 Plus and the X96 Plus while Linksys have the Velop AXE8400. They are all similar systems, in that they offer a tri-band design with 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 6Ghz. With this approach, they will then use the 6Ghz as the backhaul for the data.

TP-Link Deco X76 Plus vs X96 Mesh WiFi 6E System Specification

The Deco X76 Plus and  X96 have a slightly different Wi-Fi specification, with the X96 having more bandwidth available on its 5GHz channel.

The spec isn’t 100% clear, but it looks like the 5Ghz channel will offer 4×4 MIMO, so at the moment you won’t be able to make the most of those speeds, it will however handly more clients

The Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform has up to 12 spatial streams, and peak speaks up to 8.4 Gbps

For the TP-Link Deco X76 Plus you get:

  • 6 GHz: 2402 Mbps (802.11ax)
  • 5 GHz: 2402 Mbps (802.11ax, HT160)
  • 2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps (802.11ax)

For the TP-Link Deco X96 you get:

  • 6 GHz: 2402 Mbps (802.11ax)
  • 5 GHz: 4804 Mbps (802.11ax, HT160)
  • 2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps (802.11ax)

So in theory, this is the first time a mesh system is able to provide a theoretical throughput of 2402 Mbps on the 5Ghz channel.

Annoyingly TP-Link hasn’t including a multi-gig port on both systems. Instead, the X96 has 2 ports on with 1 being 2.5GbE and the other Gigabit. It looks like this is the same on both Deco units.

As for the Deco X76 Plus, you get three gigabit ports

Both of these routers are flagship systems so offers the suitably advanced feature. TP-Link, as always, have quite a good built-in HomeShield application offering free network security and parental controls

The then Plus nomenclature used on the X76 Plus indicates that this is also a Zigbee smart home controller.

Linksys AXE8400 Mesh WiFi 6E System Specification

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