Day 1 Verizon Galaxy S21 Update Adds Bloatware

When your Galaxy S21 order arrives over the next week or so, expect an update out of the box. Verizon is preparing a day 1 update that addresses security and performance, plus it preloads a bit of bloatware.

The update, which rolls out as G991USQU1AUA3 for the Galaxy S21, G996USQU1AUA3 for the Galaxy S21+, and G998USQU1AUA3 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, brings the January Android security patch and performance improvements. It also includes Netflix, which is the bloatware I mentioned above.

While I’m sure many of you won’t mind Netflix being preloaded because you subscribe and would have installed it anyway, not everyone is you. Not everyone subscribes to Netflix and so it is indeed a piece of bloatware that Samsung and Verizon are forcing onto your phone, even if the likelihood of you being able to remove it is high.

Have you put in that Galaxy S21 pre-order yet and saved up to $700? Time is running out.

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