Thursday, February 27, 2020
Cangir Trade

Cangir Trade

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Nest Outage Prompts Refunds to Select Nest Subscribers

Earlier this week, Google’s Nest experienced an outage that prevented their cameras from recording and streaming live for a solid 4 hours. During that time, no video history was captured, which you can imagine probably left some folks worried about their homes, businesses, and the 15 Amazon deliveries they had...

Wear OS Might Finally Address It’s Biggest Weakness

Wear OS has forever been on the struggle bus. It has failed for years to improve upon a smartwatch experience that has fallen behind almost every single smartwatch player it needs to compete with, namely Samsung and Apple. While there are still Wear OS partners who make watches, the feature...

Sony A6600 Review

Sony's Alpha-series APS-C mirrorless cameras have long been popular choices for casual as well as enthusiast photographers, because of their ease of use, very good performance, and portability. Sony has been churning out new iterations of the A6000 series like clockwork and it launched its latest flagship camera, the A6600,...
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